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A woman with long hair and wearing a green jacket.

Retha Hill

I am Retha Hill (she/her), cofounder of AncestoriesXR. I have been a journalist since I was 16 and have worked for some of the biggest names in news and entertainment: The Detroit Free Press, The Charlotte Observer, and The Washington Post. Furthermore, I was a founding editor of Washingtonpost.com. I was the founding content vice president of BET.com. I am a professor of immersive media at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Furthermore, I came up with the idea of AncestoriesXR after a breakthrough in my genealogy research and wanted a better way of highlighting that history beyond family trees.


A woman with brown hair and blue dress.

José Tijerín

My name is José Tijerín, and I'm a 2D and 3D digital artist living in Spain. My pronouns are He/Him and, besides making cinematic videos and 3D models for AncestoriesXR, I work on creating video games like "Dear Althea" on Steam. You can see a sample of my work at:

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H.D. Harris

My name is H. D. Harris, a freelance artist located in Michigan, US. My pronouns are they/them. I am a self-taught multidisciplinary artist with experience and skills in writing, character design, comics, 3D art, and illustration. I have spent 10+ years honing and expanding my skillet, and have worked on a variety of projects, both personal and for others. I am known for quick turnarounds and high adaptability to given challenges, as well as an ability to mesh with a given creative team or partnership.

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Renard Roberts

I’m a content creator with five years of experience producing content about sports, music, lifestyle, and fashion. Along with my work as a content creator, I have worked in the influencer marketing industry, building multiple social media platforms. I’ve developed expertise in email marketing, paid social campaign management, and social media management. I am fascinated by the world of mixed reality. AncestoriesXR is creating a unique experience in this new world, and I am excited to travel back in time.


Elle Spencer-Lewis

Composer, AXR Soundtrack - ellespencerlewis.com

SM5 by Heledahn

Custom 3D Models - SM5.Heledahn.com

Vincent Rose

Voice Actor, Paperboy - Chronic-Rose on DeviantArt

Lana Citron

Voice Actor, Bridget - Lana Citron on LinkedIn


Voice Actor, Hannah Arthur - rainbwlitebrite.com

Niles Taharaka

Voice Actor, Isaac Arthur - Niles Taharaka on LinkedIn

Jared Mingia

Voice Actor, David Arthur and Peter Mott - Jared Mingia on Voices.com

Zaida-Joy Davis

Voice Actor, Narrator - Zaida Joy on Voices.com

J.P. Wright

Voice Actor, Ruffian/Flynn/Clerk AXR MVP - jpwrightvoiceactor.com

Rachel E. Hill

Voice Actor, Mrs. Lafferty - Rachel E. Hill on YouTube


A stone building with statues and columns in the background.

Ruins and Rubble

A tree with some bushes and trees in the background

Meadow Environment

A group of different terrain tiles with one tile in the middle.

Terrain to Mesh

A bunch of grapes hanging from the ceiling.

Subsurface Scattering

A cloudy sky with trees and clouds in the background.

Sky and Weather

A group of animated characters in front of the words animal controller.

Animated Horse

A cat is standing in front of the camera.

Animated Animals

A river with water running down it and trees in the background.

Roads and Rivers

A book opened to the end of an endless book.

Animated Book

A computer screen with the image of a robot.

Dialogue System

A woman with long hair is looking at the camera.

Eye Movements

A space background with the words ultimate vr

Particle Effects

A black and white photo of the sky at night.

Dust Particles

A medieval village with buildings and trees

Medieval Village

A cart with two baskets of fruit on it.

Cart Market Prop

A red and white tent with fruit on it.

Food Market Props

A wooden structure with many items hanging on it.

Fabric Market Props

A western town with an old west theme.

Western Town

A 3 d image of the ocean and rocks

Ocean System

A city with the words victorian in front of it.

Victorian Buildings