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Ancestories XR - Bring Your Family Stories to Life

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AncestoriesXR’s interactive platform uses extended reality gaming techniques to take you inside your ancestor’s life and times.

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First-Person Perspective & Scene Control

The first-person perspective immerses you in the past, and allows you to control what you are viewing. You or your loved ones can walk in your ancestor’s shoes and experience the sights and sounds that surrounded them, establishing a deeper emotional connection with your ancestors, their life, and times.

Historical References

Learn historical fact in a more colorful and personally relevant way than it was taught in school. AncestoriesXR allows you to experience your ancestor’s life within the context of the larger American story.

3D Visualizations

3D visualizations recreate locations where your ancestor lived, helping to pull you deeper into their story.


Hear accounts of formative events spoken aloud, as if your ancestors were here to tell the tale.


Let others experience the past just like you did. Share Ancestories with other family members or friends.

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