The amazing contributors to AncestoriesXR

Retha Hil

Retha Hill

I am Retha Hill (she/her), cofounder of AncestoriesXR. I have been a journalist since I was 16 and have worked for some of the biggest names in news and entertainment: The Detroit Free Press, The Charlotte Observer, and The Washington Post. I was a founding editor of I was the founding content vice president of I am a professor of immersive media at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. I came up with the idea of AncestoriesXR after a breakthrough in my genealogy research and wanted a better way of highlighting that history beyond family trees.

Laurie Annis

Laurie Annis

I'm Laurie Annis (she/her). I have 10 years of experience converting my passion for games into a fulfilling freelance career as a designer and developer of 3D and XR media, preceded by 20+ years in graphic design, all for social impact businesses. My 3D skills helped me land my first dream job in 2016, 3D modeling and then leading a team of 3D artists in bringing the multiplayer, social VR game Hypatia to life. I'm currently loving my second dream job as cofounder, creative director, 3D generalist, and junior coder for AncestoriesXR, while also founding a complementary business called The Asset Connection, to match buyers and creators of stock 3D assets (like us!)

Kevin McCusker

Kevin McCusker

My pronouns are he/him. I've been a software developer for almost 20 years (in a previous life I was a diesel mechanic); everything from full-stack, half-stack, bloated-stack, desktop applications, augmented reality, games, and programming little devices that go brrrrrr. However, I refuse to limit myself to just one title; we are so much more than our employment and the positions of employment we’ve held. I like learning new things which makes working with the fine folks at AncestoriesXR a perfect fit; I’m learning fascinating bits about history that have been so “conveniently” glossed over (or omitted!) and learning how to work those bits into interactive experiences.

José Tijerín

José Tijerín

My name is José Tijerín and I'm a 2D and 3D digital artist living in Spain. My pronouns are He/Him and, besides making cinematic videos and 3D models for AncestoriesXR, I work on creating videogames like "Dear Althea" on Steam. You can see a sample of my work at:

H.D. Harris

H.D. Harris

My name is H. D. Harris, a freelance artist located in Michigan, US. My pronouns are they/them. I am a self-taught multidisciplinary artist with experience and skills in writing, character design, comics, 3D art, and illustration. I have spent 10+ years honing and expanding my skillset, and have worked on a variety of projects both personal and for others. I am known for quick turnarounds and high adaptability to given challenges, as well as an ability to mesh with a given creative team or partnership.

H.D. Harris

Renard Roberts

I’m a content creator with five years of experience producing content on sports, music, lifestyle, and fashion. Along with my work as a content creator, I have worked in the influencer marketing industry, building multiple social media platforms. I’ve developed expertise in email marketing, paid social campaign management, and social media management. I am fascinated by the world of mixed reality. AncestoriesXR is creating a unique experience in this new world, and I am excited to travel back in time.

Michael Neri

Michael Neri


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Stacy Nuñez



Elle Spencer-Lewis

Composer, AXR Soundtrack -

SM5 by Heledahn

3D Models -

Vincent Rose

Voice Actor, Paperboy -  Chronic-Rose on DeviantArt

Lana Citron

Voice Actor, Bridget -  Lana Citron on LinkedIn


Voice Actor, Hannah Arthur Undisclosed AXR Project -

Niles Taharaka

Voice Actor, Isaac Arthur Undisclosed AXR Project -  Niles Taharaka on LinkedIn

Jared Minga

Voice Actor, David Arthur and Peter Mott Undisclosed AXR Project   

Zaida-Joy Davis

Voice Actor, Narrator AXR MVP -

J.P. Wright

Voice Actor, Ruffian/Flynn/Clerk AXR MVP -

Rachel E. Hill

Voice Actor, Mrs. Lafferty AXR MVP - Rachel E. Hill on YouTube